Maze of Earphones

February 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm (kiranoncemore, S3 IS) (, , , )

Maze of Earphones

Maze of Earphones

Tv: 1/500s; Av: F/8.0; f: 6mm (35mm-equiv: 38mm); Flash used

Processed using GIMP2.

This was a totally experimental snap. I placed the the bunch of entangled and entwined earphones on a large white paper on the floor; and took the snap from right on top of the subject. I was experimenting with lighting conditions as has been suggested to me by many readers. I guess I still have a long way to go as far as getting the lighting and background right goes.

I tried several options while editing the image. My main intention was to get a raw B&W look. While I succeeded in that, I feel the image editing leaves a lot to be desired too. The intention of posting this image is to get advice from readers about how better this image could have been edited. On the lighting conditions front, I will continue experimenting till I get even the basics right.

What improvements would I like to see?

  • This image seems to be overly sharpened and overly contrasted – so 2 points deducted for editing
  • Light distribution is not uniform – the lower area is well composed but the top area is too cluttered – 1 minus point for photograph framing
  • Observing the lower left of the snap, one sees a white earphone wire on a white background – not at all distinguishable. I think I should tried to get the shadow of the white wire over the white paper. That would have increased the appeal several fold – 2 points down for composition.

And thats just the beginning, I am sure!


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January 5, 2009 at 1:05 pm (DX 7590, raxeffect) ()

Av: F/8; Tv: 5s; f: 6.3mm (35mm-equiv:38 mm); ISO: 80

I am a fan of black and white photography because I feel it brings out a lot more depth and meaning to the photo when compared to a similarly-shot coloured one. That was exemplified in this photo, in fact. I originally shot it in colour mode, but as soon as I tried it in B & W in Photoshop, my mind was set on using B & W for this snap.

Coming to the process of taking this snap :

I started this photo shoot with the idea of taking a snap of a busy traffic light from a high altitude with the trail-of-lights effect. So, I used a tripod and that gave me the liberty to bump up the shutter speed to as high as 5 seconds which resulted in the beautiful trail of headlights showing a bustling and dynamic look to the traffic.

I achieved the stars-around-the-light effect by the least possible F-value (or Aperture value) with my Kodak DX 7590 which is F/8.

Next the fine tunings with Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Along with conversion to B & W, I also worked around with the levels to adjust contrast & brightness to achieve pitch black in the dark areas and thus highlighting the lights. I cropped off the sides to position the photo better and avoid the mess of the numerous banners.

Some of the things I would love to improve in this snap :

The lighting from the lamp post should have been better defined, with a star-effect around it as well.

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