About SelfCritic ShutterBug

Less than 3 months after SCSB started, it has already got its first new member! Please join me in welcoming raxeffect to SCSB.

This blog was started by kiranoncemore in mid-October 2008. kiranoncemore is a software engineer by profession but he also happens to be passionate about photography and blogging. However, more than 2 years after laying his hands on the simply superb Canon Powershot S3-IS, kiranoncemore feels that he has failed to graduate from amateur to intermediate level.

kiranoncemore views this blog as a self-improvement exercise, where he will post some photographs which he clicked; and reflect on how it could have been better.

Joining him is is friend raxeffect. Raxeffect, who is more passionate about photography (and spends much more time on clicking and post-editing). Raxeffect has been using a Kodak DX7590 to come up with some stunning photographs for the past few years. He will soon graduate to a DSLR, and then you can expect more creativity and more breath-taking snaps from him.

We seek support from you, the reader, in form of your (preferably, but not necessarily, critical 😉 comments. Your comments are sure to help us explore our passion and creativity to the fullest!

As a closing comment, we suggest you to keep visiting this “about” page once in a while – because there are more friends who are in the pipeline to join us as shutterbugs. And here’s a tip – each snap is categorized according to the photographer and the camera – so it should be easy for you to find the particular shutterbug you are looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and start clicking!



  1. Lai Chin Lun said,

    Yanadee Kiran…

  2. Sridhar said,

    Unreal..ur jus being down to earth in saying..ur a ameture photographer. I mean these snaps are awesome.

    I have plan..may be u wud be interested, it has to do with ur photography skills.

    If you are interested, drop me a mail back.

    Keep clicking 🙂


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