Fairest Flower of Them All

February 24, 2009 at 9:59 pm (EOS 1000D, raxeffect) (, , )

Av: F/5.6; Tv: 0.003s (1/400); f: 55mm (35mm-equiv:100 mm); ISO: 200

This was among my early pictures with my new DSLR camera Canon EOS 1000D and was taken when I was trying the capabilities of the camera.

* I like this photo for its contrast between the white flower and the dark background around it. I achieved this by using a very rapid shutter speed, thus ensuring very little light went into the sensor even though it was a very bright sunny afternoon. The main advantage of making the background dark is that we can make away with the other disturbances which might divert the attention from the subject in focus.

* The colour reproduction in other areas is also pretty good. I especially like the tinge of dark-yellow in the flower situated just above the name watermark, towards the bottom-right of the photo.

* The crispness of the focusing in this photo also catches the eye. The transition of the “in-focus” area to the blurred out area is very fast and smooth. It immediately draws attention to the flower.

I hardly did any Post-processing in this photo other than cropping out the edges a little bit.

Having said that, this photo needs to improve in areas like :

* The aperture value should have been decreased a little more or I should have used the Exposure bias, because the flower is a tad too bright in a few areas.

* The withered out flowers around the flower in focus could have been excluded from the photo.



  1. Subhanjan Sengupta said,

    I am glad to see a picture taken by 1000D. I am planning to buy that in March. I like that camera but some are complaining to me about that camera. I am in dilemma. I will be glad to have your advise. I have this camera in mind along with the D60. But this is cheaper and seems nothing less than the D60. What do you say? I will be glad if you help me buy a good camera.

    I like this image. Though the flowers at the back seem a little bit disturbing because of their odd positioning in the frame, I like the exposure given and the accuracy of focus. I believe the available light was good. I like this image. Keep it as your desktop wallpaper. I am sure it will look good.

    Rakshith : Thank you. Yes, it does seem like a good wallpaper material.
    Speaking about the camera – well, I have not tried the Nikon D60, but using the EOS 100D I did not find any glaring shortcomings. Of course, a few add ons like a zoom lens & all would help. πŸ˜€ But that is applicable for all DSLRs. So, I dont think you will go wrong if u choose the 1000D

  2. Aishwarya said,

    I like the crispness, the contrast and the way the flower is in focus in this pic….

    Rakshith : Thank you. πŸ™‚ Yes, that is what appealed to me too soon after I took this photograph.

  3. noop said,

    Really like the way u analyze yr photos… Congrats on yr 1000D !!! I wish i had an SLR too 😦

    Rakshith : Thanks for following up on the activites on the blog, Anoop. I was just going through some of your recent photos and they really are really well-shot and edited photos. I like the colour tone in many of your photos. By the way, aren’t both of the cameras you used SLRs. πŸ˜€ The 400 D is. I don’t know about the Panasonic one.

  4. Subhanjan Sengupta said,

    Hello Kiran,

    Since I raised the issue of DSLR in this post, so I thought it is my duty to inform you about my decision. I am finally buying my DSLR. As you know, I have limited budget. I can not afford more that 25,000 to 27,000. So I was forced to believe that I can not buy a DSLR. But even if Canon and Nikon can not be in my shopping cart, I came across this pretty good DSLR of Sony – Sony Alpha 200K. It is very popular in the European market. Here Canon and Nikon have made such a brand name that Sony gets unnoticed. But Alpha 200 is coming only for 27,999 Rs. and is giving loads for its price.
    It is giving an 18-70 mm lens instead of the 18-55 mm provided by Canon or Nikon. It also has a very simple menu system. Sony does not believe in vibration reduction in lenses. So it has incorporated Image Stabilisation in the camera body itself. Its D-Lighting, noise reduction, and dust clearing function is working pretty well. I think this camera is enough for me. Globally it is now considered as more than enough for the price that it offers. I think this is enough. After all it is the photographer who takes the picture, not the camera. Some of the greatest pictures have been taken with the humblest of box cameras. So since I need only a DSLR, so any model will go. Madhavan Pillai (chief editor of Better Photography), said me a quotation that I will remember for ever: “When you buy a Nikon, you become a Nikon owner. Not a photographer.” That is so true. Right?

    Thank you for your advise on 1000D and your thoughtful post on my picture nominated at the National Geographic. Take good care of yourself.



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