Flight of Faith

January 28, 2009 at 10:19 pm (DX 7590, raxeffect) (, , , )

Flight of Faith

Tv: 1/125 (0.008 ) s; Av: F/3.2; f: 31.3 mm (35mm-equiv: 189 mm); ISO 140

This is a photo which conveys a feeling… a feeling of faith. This photo was taken in an “Othekola”, a type of “Bhuta Kola“, a religious ceremony in Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka. I like the way the look in the eyes of the worshipers has come out on the photo, conveying a sense of awe, faith and a little bit of fear.

To be frank, while taking this photo I was not concentrating much about the expressions of the people. I was looking to get the motion blur while capturing the fall towards the pile of embers. But, I discovered that adding a bit more shadows and tweaking the levels and saturation gave a whole new meaning and dynamism to the photo. I like the noise in the photo which gives it an old, grainy, spoilt look to the photo.

However, the noise can be viewed as a drawback as well. Another drawback is that people may see it as a loss of a little naturality of the photo because of the effects in Photoshop; but I wanted a different colour tone for this picture and so was experimenting with it.

I would have been better if the subject was better focussed and the background was blurred out a little.



  1. anoop erakkil said,

    i think the effects hav come out okay on this! its always difficult to click during crowded situations lik this i guess..so good capture anyways…
    liked the black n white blurrd effect of ur previos pic, the child and the bird one..!

    Rakshith : Thanks Anoop. I liked the way it turned out too. Plus, I was happy the way the expressions have come out.
    And yes, the girl and bird photo – I liked the whole mood of the picture; because it tried to say something.

  2. Aishwarya said,

    love this pic! especially all d mood n the expressions in the photo… u know, the way they r all gripped by this religious fervour..:) also like the way it has conveyed it all to b in motion…

    Rakshith : Thank you. That is one of the main reasons I liked this photo too.. the way the expressions were caught in the frame. Well, actually it could hve been better; but, I guess, may be it’ll come out better if I take a similar photo again sometime.

  3. Hari Sharan said,

    Good one.The photo came in the natural way and you have done it very well.

    Rakshith : Thank you, Hari. Ya, considering the early morning low light setting, this photo has been able to portray the scene pretty well, and in a pretty natural way too.

  4. Subhanjan Sengupta said,

    I wonder what equipment was used. If the lens had been able to control the light and brought about detailing in the expressions at the background this could have been a great picture. The effort was good. I wish I had been there. There was good scope for great pictures.

    Rakshith : This photo was taken when I was in the crowd and so, I could not use the tripod. Also, the lighting conditions weren’t so great. However, as you say, with a camera more advanced than my Kodak DX 7590 and with a bit more effective customization, this would have been an even better photo. Yes, even I wish to explore such settings a bit more now, so that I can apply few of my photographic experiments in these conditions and hope for improved results.

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