Peacock Feather

January 25, 2009 at 12:12 pm (kiranoncemore, S3 IS)

Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather

Av: F/3.5; Tv: 1/200s; f: 46.3mm (35mm-equiv: 292mm)

This snap was shot at the annual Lalbagh Flower show at Lalbagh, Bangalore. Post-processing using GIMP2.

Comments about this photo:

  • I was satisfied with this photo overall – even though the crowd at the show ensured I had very little time for adjustments!
  • Decent picture quality, focus, light settings.
  • The picture composition (framing) could have been better – for example, you see another feather intruding in the lower right area of the picture.
  • I think the real improvement needs to be in creativity – I need to be more creative while clicking snaps like these. But before that, I think I should reach a certain level in plain-ol’-snaps. Only then should I take the next step and foray into creative composition.
  • I am learning photo editing with GIMP2. Still need to properly understand the “Layers” concept. But I am already seeing a marked difference between photo-editing with Picasa/IrfanView and GIMP.


  1. sujata said,

    Hey Kiran, nice try.. But yeah, the composition cld have been better. Also there are many disturbing areas in the background. The eye movement goes from blue at the center to pink flowers and then to orange line. Also, there is little imbalance. Probably if u crop, it will look much better.

    Kiran: Hi Sujata, thanks for the comments. Any tips that will help us improve are always welcome :-). I also agree with your observation about cropping – probably that might have kept the main subject more in focus and reduced the “disturbance”.

  2. Subhanjan Sengupta said,

    Very good close-up. I like such pictures because they are simple and beautiful. perhaps mainly because the subject itself is brilliant. Apart from the disturbing pink, there is this problem of the angle at which the feather is kept. It should have been a little bit alongside the diagonal of the frame. If the feather was not in such an angle, you could have tilted your camera. Nonetheless, it is a bright shot. I liked it.

    Kiran: Subhanjan, I agree about the disturbing pink as well as the angle. In fact, I tried to rotate the snap using GIMP – but the result was not really good. I suppose rotating the camera diagonally would have been the best bet.

    Thanks for your compliments too!

  3. noop said,

    love this pic!!!! brilliant !

    Kiran: Thanks Anoop!

  4. anoop erakkil said,

    simple n beautiful click! liked it..
    anyways, if possibl… do try out with a diffferent backgrnd..

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