Down Goes the Sun

December 31, 2008 at 6:43 pm (kiranoncemore, S3 IS) (, )

Sunset at Ranganathittu

Av: F/3.5; Tv: 1/1000s; f: 72mm (35mm-equiv: 454 mm)

I love taking sunset snaps – no particular reason – I just like the colors that are formed during sunset. As a result, you might see a lot of sunset snaps in this blog going forward 🙂

Some comments about this particular snap:

  • Whenever I see this snap, I wonder whether I was a minute too late in clicking it. Whether I would have got more colors had I taken the photo slightly earlier. But on second thoughts; it probably would have been difficult to avoid overexposure in that case
  • I liked the effect of the clouds just above the sun. I can only imagine how it would have looked had the “line” of cloud appeared right over the sun!
  • I tried to process this photo to remove the “numbness” immediately surrounding the sun. It however had undesirable side effects – so stuck to the original pic.
  • I do not have a UV filter on my lens. I have read contradicting reports about the potential damage to the sensor if the sun is photographed directly like this. What are your experiences regarding this?

By the way, I also have a couple of snaps of the reflection of the sunset in the river (which brings water into the picture – a perfect ingredient for good sunset photos!). Will reserve that for a later post.



  1. anoop said,

    hi kiran! Happy new year..!
    i agreee with ur comments on my blog..! feedbacks really help n am glad tht this new year has strted with Subhanjan’s n urs comments coming in..! looking fwd to mutual learning n better clikcs in 2009/ do chekout my reply to the ‘lights n background’ comment/

    n the sunset photo..well agree with ur comments on this too…n technically…i guess following the Rule of Thirds on the pic would have bought out a better capture!
    hey n check out this..i found it useful..ters a link to thhe ‘Rule of thirds’ i mentioned too,.

    n guess the clicks with the reflectio n on water wil be posted soon!

  2. Mahesh said,

    hmm.. Ye syou are right …You should have clicked it couple a minutes back ,so you may have the clouds in the foreground ,as i see the pic now, the focus is only on the Orange Sun…one would luv to see the tinge falling on the clouds in the background…Needless to say there are multiple shots one can take of the sunset and as ever it is usually a good one..
    Last i remember,not bout the potential damage to the sensor ,but to to your own good Luck… one should not take their own clicks on a setting sun… now where did we hear tat… QSQT..!..??

    Kiran: Hi Mahesh, thanks for stopping by; and more importantly, thanks for your comments. Yes, definitely the ornage tinge on the clouds would have increased the appeal. and reg the QSQT comment .. i dont remember hearing that in the movie 🙂

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