Soft drink for the primates

October 27, 2008 at 8:29 pm (kiranoncemore, S3 IS) ()



Av: F/3.5; Tv: 1/60; f: 72 mm (35mm-equiv: 454 mm); WB: Cloudy

Ok .. given the chance to re-take this snap, I would

  • Use a faster shutter-speed (for gods sake, with that kind of zoom – I ought to have done that)
  • As a consequence of point 1, open up the aperture to F/2.7 (what kind of idiot takes a split second snap with so much zoom without fully opening up the aperture?)
  • I honestly have no idea why I used that “cloudy” white balance setting. I’d set it to default.
  • This snap obeys the rule-of-thirds; only – the subject is in the wrong third of the photo! Given a second chance, I’d shift my ancestor to the right side of the frame.
  • I’d probably want to fine tune the depth-of-field .. but given the very short time within which I’d have to click the snap – probably i’d keep the DOF as least priority.


  1. anoop said,

    Are you outta yr mind! Your pics are just too good! I love both your snaps.
    They are fabulous…Did they pop out of an S3????!!! The night shot is fabulous…especially cos it was hand held. What ISO were u shooting at?

    You want criticism…Here it goes…
    I believe every photo is meant to to tell a certain story. And the depth of the story lies in the power of the photographer. I agree that you need to get your fundamentals right but my suggestion would be to not focus too much on the technicals…When you shoot on instinct, the story will come out naturally. So my advice to you would be to continue taking all these mind blowing pics , but without so much scrutiny 🙂
    My two cents…

    ps: looking forward to more posts from u! u have just raised my expectations sky high now buddy!

    Kiran: Thanks Anoop for your compliments. You can look forward to me posting at least a couple of photos a month.

    Ya I absolutely agree that being natural counts way more than the technical details. However I still want to improve my technical know-how as well 🙂

    PS: Yes – all the snaps (unless explicitly mentioned otherwise) have been clicked with S3 IS. That night shot was at ISO 80. I normally avoid fiddling with ISO settings – once had ruined an otherwise wonderful snap because of noise (u know those “spots”) at ISO 400.

  2. Swapnil said,

    Dude, the pic would have been really great if you had got the composition as you described in you criticism! And i would request you to give DOF greater priority, it can change a picture completely! (The DOF for this one is quite ok!)

  3. kiranoncemore said,

    Hi Swapnil, thanks for complimenting my criticism :D. Yes, I need to give more weightage to DOF. What I used to do is – open the aperture as much as possible since it allows for faster shutter speed – and hence less chance of “camera shake”. But the wide open aperture results in shallow DOF. I have learnt my lesson now – and do try to achieve the proper balance of Tv and Av also keeping DOF in mind 🙂

    – Kiran

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